Intensive summer courses

What is the method used for teaching Polish at Varia?

The teaching is mainly based on a communicative method. It means that we put the main emphasis on communicative skills in various life situations.Exercises reflect real-life communication. That is why there is a variety of dialogues, discussions in pairs and small groups and games in class. During the classes we use only Polish, regardless of the language level of a group. 

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course in two ways: by bank transfer (to the PLN account or EUR account) or in cash at the school.

It is required to pay the deposit in advance (100 euros) as this is the the confirmation of your enrolment in the course. The remaining amount can be paid on-site, at the school office.

Bank details:

VARIA s.c.-Centrum Jezyka Polskiego. Katarzyna Hoffmann, Aneta Kawa
ul. Michalowskiego 2/3
31-126 Krakow
Bank account in EURO:
Name of the bank: BRE Bank S.A. Dzial Bankowosci Detalicznej
Address of the bank: ul. Pilsudskiego 3, 90-368 Lodz
Account number/IBAN:PL70 1140 2017 0000 4012 0038 5708
Bank account in PLN:
Name of the bank: BRE Bank S.A. Dzial Bankowosci Detalicznej
Address of the bank: ul. Pilsudskiego 3, 90-368 Lodz
Account number/IBAN: PL 51 1140 2017 0000 4102 0546 3403

Which countries do your students come from?

We have students from all over the world :)! Course participants from over 80 countries were our guests. Most visitors come from Europe and from countries neighbouring Poland, but increasingly often also from other continents and sometimes even from very remote corners of the world.

If I resign from taking part in the course, will I get a refund of the amount paid?

If after enrolling in a course you cannot take part in it, the deposit you paid will not be refunded. If you paid the full price of the course, you will get your payment back reduced by the value of the deposit and bank transfer fees.

If you inform us about your resignation from taking part in the course by two weeks before the course starts, there is a possibility to take part in a later course or to suggest another person who will participate in the course instead of you. In such a situation you will not have to cover any costs associated with the cancellation of your participation.

What time do classes take place?

Classes always begin in the morning (most often between 09.00 - 11.00), and usually end by 2 pm. Afternoon and evening hours are intended for the cultural programme.

How much can I learn in two weeks?

The intensiveness of the course, systematic repetitions and friendly atmosphere in class create optimum conditions for effective learning of Polish. The course programme is designed so that students could easily make use of the learnt vocabulary and grammatical structures in a variety of everyday situations. You will surely be surprised how much you can learn even in such a short time.

Is it possible to enrol in a three-week course (or a longer one)?

You can freely customise the intensive course to your needs and the amount of time you have. You can take part in a 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, ...16-week course.

How old are people coming to your courses?

Our courses are designed for adults (16+). They are attended by people of all ages: secondary school students, university students, working people and retirees. The average age is 25-35 years.

How can I enrol in the course?

The quickest way is to fill in the application form which is available on our website (here). You can also enrol in our school office. When you book your place on the course, please pay a deposit of 550 PLN - it is a confirmation of your participation in the course.

What is the language level required to be communicative in Poland?

It depends if you want to understand simple situations, for example while shopping, ordering dinner, asking for directions, or if you wish to talk about abstract topics and use advanced dialogues.

Simple communication is possible even on A2 level, while B1 is the level which makes it possible to speak freely during most of the typical tourist situations.

Does the school offer courses at different language levels?

We teach students at all language levels, from beginner to advanced. The students who have already had contact with the Polish language take a placement test at the beginning of the course. On the basis of the placement test results and an interview with one of our Polish teachers we assign students to appropriate groups. In determining the level of language proficiency we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which complies with the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

How many lessons are there per day?

The intensive course includes 40 class periods, which means that every day there are 4 classes (4 x 45 min. + one 15 min. break). Only if the group consists of 4 or fewer students, the course includes 30 lessons, that is 3 lessons each day. If students' lesson plans allow it, it is also possible for students to watch lessons of other groups of a similar level.

On the first day of the course (Monday) beginners start their classes. Other students write a placement test and have a conversation with a teacher. Those who write the test start their classes the next day. 

Will I get a certificate of course completion? Is it recognised by universities?

Every student who passed the final test and attended the classes will receive the certificate of course completion. The certificate provides the following information: type of course, course duration, course language level and number of lessons.

The certificate issued by our centre is not an official document, however, it is recognised by the majority of universities and companies as the document confirming the command of the Polish language at a particular level. Information on state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language can be found here.

Is it possible to combine individual lessons with a group course?

Of course. You can always book individual lessons at any time during your group course. The sooner you decide and inform us about it, the easier it will be to organise individual lessons according to your expectations.

What is the typical size of the class?

The typical size of the class is from 5 to 10 course participants.

Why do students learn Polish? What are the most common reasons?

There are as many reasons to learn the Polish language as there are students. Frequently our students learn Polish "out of love" to their wives or husbands from Poland, to their mothers-in-law, girlfriends, Polish cuisine... :) Many students come from Polish-American families and want to learn the language of their parents or grandparents.

Also, those who want to study in Poland or who work in international companies come to us more and more often.

What is the deadline for enrolling in the course?

Intensive courses are very popular and usually a month before the beginning of these courses all places are already booked. Therefore, we recommend that you do not postpone your decision and apply as soon as possible. Of course, if we still have free places you can enrol in the course even on its starting day.

If you need a visa to enter Poland, you will have to take into account the extra time needed to issue the visa.

Are there any age limits for students enrolling in the course?

Of course, there are no upper age limits. Intensive courses are for adults, that is for those aged 16 or more. In exceptional circumstances, with the written consent of a student's guardian, we also welcome younger people. Children are usually offered private lessons, or, whenever there is a sufficient number of children willing to learn Polish, we create groups.

I already speak very good Polish. Can I still learn something new?

Of course. You can always expand your vocabulary with new synonyms, idioms and collocations. The class will cover topics suitable to your language level. You will have the opportunity to discuss literature, culture as well as socio-political and scientific issues. They are a challenge even for those with very good knowledge of Polish.

I do not know what my language level is. How can I find it out?

We always check the language level of our students on the first day of the course (Monday). Students will write a placement test (about 60 min.) and they have an interview with the teacher. In the evening, at a welcome party, we give information on the test results, the language level of every student and the group to which each of them has been assigned. The beginners start the course immediately after the greeting and presentation of the programme (on Monday).

In determining the level of language proficiency we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which complies with the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

What is the language of tuition?

During lessons we speak and teach using only Polish. Our students come from various parts of the world and the Polish language is often the only "common" language of all students. The communicative method of teaching motivates course participants not only to speak but also to think in a language other than their mother tongue.

All staff members of the Varia School also speak English, which facilitates after-class communication.

Does the school offer discounts for groups?

Yes. We offer special discounts for groups of at least five people. We can also prepare a special offer, tailored to the individual needs of your group. For more information, please contact the school office.

Are learning materials included in the price?

Yes. All learning materials used during lessons are included in the price.

Does the school help in obtaining visas to Poland?

In all visa matters, please turn to one of the Polish diplomatic offices whose addresses are provided on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the students who enrolled in the Polish language course the school issues documents confirming their enrolment in the course and payment of a relevant deposit. These documents usually help in obtaining visas.
We do not issue invitations.

When and how to use the student's panel?

Every student of our school receives the access to the student’s panel. On the panel you can:

  • see the material covered during classes and download a printable version
  • find out about our closest meetings and get-togethers
  • check the phone number and e-mail address of your teacher
  • see the schedule of your course (days off, possible changes, substitute teachers)