Kraków - facts and figures

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1. From the perspective of London, New York and Paris, Kraków is a small town. However, not everyone knows that Kraków is the second largest city in Poland, both in terms of area and population. According to the data from 2013, Kraków has a population of 758 992 permanent residents and...

2. ...and 130 thousand students. Kraków is the most student-city in Poland, and we don't just mean the nightlife. :) Statistically, every fourth person you pass by at the Planty or the Main Square is a student.

3. Women rule! In Kraków, on 100 men there are 115 representatives of the fair sex.

4. Uff, how hot! The Record temperature in Kraków was 38.4 ° C. It's hard not to resist the impression that at the beginning of June this year we broke all possible records.

5. For the winter courses in Varia cap and scarf are obligatory! The lowest temperature recorded in Kraków was -32.7 ° C. Fortunately, in Varia you can always count on a warm, cuddling atmosphere. :)

6. The Smok (dragon)/the smog is no longer scary to us! From the Smok Wawelski and from the smog (the less friendly one) you can hide in one of the 43 city parks. Besides, in Kraków you will find 5 nature reserves, and in the city centre 20 monastery gardens and a whole lot of beer-gardens.

7. And now a bit of history. Wawel - until the fire of the castle in 1595 - was the formal seat of the Polish monarchy, and Kraków itself (until 1795) was the official capital of the Republic of Poland. And although it is the twenty-first century now, Kraków still remains a royal city and (cultural) capital of Poland.

8. Already well known to our students, the Main Square is the largest (4 ha) medieval market in Europe - in the old days the most important center of trade, and today the cultural and social heart of Krakow, the place of meetings, romantic walks, concerts and numerous events.

9. New York has its own marathon, Rio carnival, and Kraków ... March of the Dachshunds (Marsz Jamników)! For 20 years, these loveable dogs parade through the streets in various, colorful costumes. And of course, every year the longest dachshund (jamnik) is selected. :)

10. We guess, we don't know anyone in Kraków, who wouldn't try it at least once... Everyday 150 thousands of them are eaten... What is it? Of course, it's bagel (obwarzanek)! Believe it or not, but it is the only fast food in the world with centuries-old tradition.

11. Kraków has numerous monuments. But only one is so ... tasty. The beginnings of the restaurant "Wierzynek" - one of the oldest in Europe - dates back to 1364, when the merchant Nicholas Wierzynek threw a banquet for the king Casimir the Great. Imagine that in the very same year the Jagiellonian University was founded!

12. And finally a bit of horror... Aside from the already well-known Kraków there is still the second Kraków ... underground. While under the Main Square we will find a multimedia historical museum, and in the numerous cellars cold beer and fantastic atmosphere, then in the undergrounds of Nowa Huta we will discover the fallout shelters. Some of them are sometimes available to tourists. The lovers of the history of communism and the Cold War will be delighted!