Walking through green Cracow

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The Main Square, Kazimierz, cracovian museums – those are definitely the “must see”. Though if you stay for a little longer in the city, you might be also interested in green areas of Kraków.

Hence below you will find our (subjective) list of best walking trails in Cracow.

The oldest mounds in Cracow is Krakus’ Mound (Kopiec Krakusa - close to Wielicka street) and Wanda’s Mound (Kopiec Wandy -   close to Ujastek street). Both come from the VII century and probably were the places of religious cult or watchtowers. It is said that Krakus Mound is a grave of legendary founder of Kraków – prince Krak, while Wanda’s Mound is believed to be a tomb of his daughter Wanda.

If you want to see the whole Kraków in the light of the setting sun, take a walk to Krakus’ Mound in the evening time – you won’t be disappointed.

On the way there you can take a rest in Bednarski Park (Park Bednarskiego). Take some nuts with you and watch for the squirrels eager to make new friends 😊

The most popular mound in Cracow is the Kościuszko’s Mound (Kopiec Kościuszki). It contains the earth from the battle fields of Kościuszko’s Raising and American Revolutionary War. Go there during the sunny day and enjoy the beautiful, panoramic view of Cracow.

The Mound of Józef Pilsudski is the highest one. It’s also called Independence Mound. You can find it walking through the Wolski Forest (Las Wolski). It’s a good idea to take some more time when you go there and pop into a nearby ZOO.

One of the most beautiful green areas in Cracow is Zakrzówek. In the last century it was a

limestone quarry.  Today it’s a crystal clear lake surrounded by rocks. And you can swim in it! Also professionally - with a whole equipment dive between the sink attractions – an old Polish car Fiat 125p, bus or a van.

At any time it’s worth to visit Botanical Garden. It’s fascinating with its variety of flowers, bushes and trees. The ones up for some outdoor activities are invited to Jordana Park. You will find there many sporting facilities such as pitches, courts and gym equipment – everyone should find something for themselves.

We’re also recommending you the Park of Polish Pilots (Park Lotników Polskich) close to Tauron Arena. The broad area of the park is encouraging to take a longer walk. And afterwards you could take a peek into the Aviation Museum (Muzeum Lotnictwa) to see the rich collection of flying machines.

So where do you want to start? :)