Workshop week in Varia

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„Chrząszcz brzmi...” - PRONUNCIATION WORKSHOP

Those are fun and practical workshops of Polish pronunciation. Rustings, murmurs, cracks and grinds 😊. You will be surprised how fast you will cope with our consonants.

Place: Varia Centre

Time: Wednesday December 5th, 2.00 p.m.

Workshops are held by Elżbieta Łątka-Likh

The workshops are free. The places are limited, please sign up at the office or via e-mail.  


VARIA – TALKI - converastions  ”Do zakochania jeden krok!”

On 7th of December (Friday) we’re meeting with students from pre-intermediate groups (A2.1-A2.3) to exchange views!😊 We will chat about the ideal one, beautiful one, this one and only love!

Where to find it? How to spice up your relationship? We will also talk about the end of a relationship and our emotional response to it. 

Kawiarnia Literacka on Krakowska 41 is hosting us again! Magda and Gosia will meet you at 6.00 p.m. They hope to see you all there!

You are more than invited! Please sign up via mail, call or in person at the office.