Vege Cracow

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Even if the  city called „vegan capital of Poland” is Warsaw, Cracow has quite a lot to offer as well. Being vegan you have a possibility to pick out from healthy dishes and fast-food snacks. Cakes without cream and eggs? Hamburgers without meat? Bigos without sausage? Give a try to the traditional dishes in vegan friendly version prepared by cracovian bars and restaurants.

If you feel like having a hamburger, then you should definitely try out Krowarzywa! Located at Sławkowska street it servers burgers with chickpea patty, pieces of roasted seitan and millet patty. Every month there’s presented a new “burger of the month”, so no worries – Krowarzywa is not kind of a place to be bored with easily 😉

Falafels and Israeli cuisine - if it sounds like a promise of a delicious meal to you, then you should take a walk to Kazimierz district. You will find there creamy hummus, exceptional shakshuka, crispy falafel and fresh pickles. Szalom on Jakuba steet invites everyone to try those specialities every day except Saturdays, when the Jewish sabbath is celebrated.

Layer cakes and pies with reduced calories,  yet with high fiber and minerals content. It doesn’t really sound like a yummy desert, does it? Trust me, it is! On the condition that you order it at a Cakester. The place is located 5 minutes’ walk from the Main Square on Tomasza street, and offers wide range of sweets and salty snacks – also many  gluten-free options!

How about a pizza? You can get an oblong one at Pizzatopia! Choose your own ingredients or get inspired with the propositions hanging on the wall. You will get to Pizzatopia on foot - walking around 3 minutes from the Main Squere.

Are you dreaming about delicious and nutritious breakfast during the weekend? Closed shops on Sunday have surprised you one more time? Drop by a BAL and start your day healthy. You can choose between sandwiches, baguettes, tarts, hummus, millets, pancakes, quiches… On the way back you may drop by Podgórze. Back in the days it was another town, now – a fancy district of Kraków.

Sooo? Are we setting off to try some vege dainties offered in Kraków? 😊