Intensive Polish course in 3 weeks

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Have you just arrived to Kraków? Are you preparing to start studies or work in Poland? Or maybe you want to talk in Polish at the grocery store, post office or in a taxi?

3-week intensive course is a great solution for the ones who want to overcome any communication barrier, get to know the language principles and in short time improve their language skills.

The classes are held every day, from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am – 12.45, on every language level.
There will be time for a coffee (served by Varia!), new friendships and… practising other languages during the break.

The price of the course is 980 pln. If you decide to continue to the next course you will get 80 pln discount.

The closest course:  27.05.2019 - 14.06.2019

During the course we’re also offering you free workshops about Polis language and culture, such as pronunciation or slang workshops, conversational meetings on different topics or thematic workshops (e.g. the most interesting places in Poland)

For more information about the course, click here.

To register for the course, please visit: or contact us: