Online lessons at Varia

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Recently, Polish language online courses for foreigners have been extremely popular. People satisfied with the classes conducted via the Internet can already be counted in tens of thousands, maybe even millions. No wonder. This way of learning is not only convenient but what’s the most important effective.

What do the Polish language online courses at the Varia look like?

You can participate in our classes from every corner of the world, and the distance between you and our school (sometimes thousands of kilometres) is not a problem! The only thing you need is access to the Internet and a device which will connect you with the teacher and the group - a computer, tablet, laptop, and if we like to work on a smaller format, even a smartphone. You will also need good headphones and a microphone.

Online Polish lessons are very easy for students to "operate".  To participate in classes you don't need to download any special programs, which will take up a lot of space on your hard drive and additionally slow down your device. We work on the Zoom online platform. All you have to do is to click on the link you receive from us and you are already in the virtual classroom.

Some people are afraid that Polish language courses conducted through the Internet will be less interactive or than they will learn less that during lessons in the classroom.  It’s not true! Online classes are conducted in the same way as classes at school. The only difference is that you don't sit "in class", but in your favourite armchair with a cup of tea in your hand 😊. All the time our teacher is with you, answering all the questions and doing exercises with the students. You cover the same material as at school, use the same book, practice all the language skills - speaking, reading, writing, listening and grammar. Online lessons are often enriched with various games and online applications. The fact that classes are held online doesn't limit you, but only gives you new possibilities.

And what happens when you miss a class?

We have a special student zone for you, where the teacher adds all the information about the discussed material or reminds you about homework. So you will be able to catch up and print out the materials from the lessons.

Which language are the lessons conducted in?

All lessons are held in Polish. Thanks to appropriate preparation and experience, our teachers can easily conduct lessons in Polish, even in beginners group. This form of teaching is not only effective, but also extremely motivating for students - you will begin to speak and understand Polish from the very first class!

Who takes part in the Varia’s online courses?

The whole world 😊! During the course you will meet people from almost every corner of the world. That's why there's always an amazing atmosphere and energy during lessons.

Are you interested in studying Polish online? Did we convince you? Check our offer!