Varia ideas - how to spend the long weekend in Kraków

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The Easter break has just finished and we have to have another break again. :)

May long weekend this year begins on Thursday 1 May and lasts up to Sunday 4 May! If you don't feel like spending this free time on revising Polish vocabulary and grammar, we have a few VARIA-ideas on how to spend the long-weekend in Kraków.

BIKE IDEA: Do you want to run away from a wave of tourists flooding the the Main Market Square? Get on your bike and have a ride! One of the places that we recommend for a bike trip is the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec ( - the oldest monastery in Poland, which celebrates its 970 birthday this year. In Tyniec you will not only rest from the clamour of the city, but you can also buy products prepared by the monks themselves, such as... great beer...

GREEN IDEA: To those preferring romantic walks, we recommend the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University (, where you can enjoy the blooming spring in the city center. To the lazy ones, we suggest going for a picnic (maybe to Błonia Park or to one of the mounds in Kraków?). It's enough to take a few sandwiches with you and a good book and to invite your friends, of course... But if you are full of energy, grab a Frisbee or put your rollerskates on and head toward Błonia!

BARBECUE IDEA: Grilling is one of the most popular „sports”. The real fans of the spring and summer grilling are the students of Kraków, who can grill almost everything... You don't believe it? Visit Miasteczko Studenckie AGH during the long weekend or, even better, meet with your friends and grill something together!

Have a nice May long weekend! :)