In search of health food in Kraków

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Although in Kraków it is kind of hard to grow vegetables in your own kitchen garden and get milk straight from your cow, there are more and more places in which you will be able to find sun-kissed tomatoes, eggs from happy hens or meat from ecological animal husbandry. Forget about all supermarkets, because here come a few eco-places in the city which are worth visiting. 

Among the city’s eco-initiatives Targ Pietruszkowy organized by Stowarzyszenie PODGORZE.PL is in the lead. Healthy lifestyle fans will find there natural food grown up to 150 km away from Kraków and sold by farmers. Targ Pietruszkowy is located close to Hala Korony on ul. Kalwaryjska 9-15 (during spring and summer it is also located on plac Niepodleglosci) and is open every Wednesday (3.00-7.00 pm) and Saturday (8.00-1.00pm). For more information please visit:

There is nothing better to set you in a good mood than a lazy and tasty breakfast. Unfortunately, in our hectic lives we usually have time only for a quick sandwich and takeout coffee. That’s why it’s a good idea to slow down on weekends and go to Targ Śniadaniowy with your family or friends. Every Saturday on Plac Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 3 (former railway station building) you can enjoy healthy eco products as well as many other attractions, such as workshops for children, concerts and stands with handmade products:  
A must-go place on Kraków’s eco-path is Plac na Stawach, Stary and Nowy Kleparz and Plac Imbramowski where you can always find fresh and ecological products from  vegetable gardens. Don’t be misled by shiny and perfect fruits and vegetables! Those which are healthiest often seem unattractive – dirty, small and irregular in shape. But they taste wonderful! :) The most attractive on food markets, though, are sellers – usually very likeable older ladies who will not only provide you with detailed info about their products, but also will be glad to have a chat with you (always in Polish :)). So don’t forget to take a bag with you with a Polish dictionary in it.  
If there are no food markets in your neighbourhood, it is quite probable that there are some shops with ecological food. We can recommend: Naturalny Sklepik (ulica Krupnicza 8), Pan Zielonka (ulica Dąbrówki 4/1) or Natura (ulica Zamenhofa 1). 
For more information on what’s ‘bio’ and ‘eco’ in Kraków and on a healthy and creative lifestyle check:

Bon appétit! :)