A guide to museums in Kraków

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During autumn the cultural life in Kraków is flourishing – the opening night at Teatr Stary, new movies in cinemas, previews of art exhibitions, festivals… To cut a long story short: these are the ideas for a romantic date, an evening spent with your friends, a special weekend with your family or just a “practical” way to take shelter for cold and rainy days.

Creating a guide through ALL institutions and cultural events in Kraków is like preparing a telephone book… manually. : ) However, if you need an inspiration on how to spend your time in an interesting way, we’d like to invite you for a walk through museums in Kraków!
A museum is no longer a place where boring exhibits are presented on dusty shelves. A modern museum is, most of all a fascinating story about the past, often presented with the use of modern audiovisual means. Schindler’s Factory, Rynek Underground, Wawel Castle and many more are the highlights of the city, which you can’t miss even during a short visit in Kraków. For those of you who want to stay in Kraków longer, we have an extended list of the city’s “must see” museums in the map of Kraków:

  • The National Museum in Kraków – one of the most prestigious museums in the city. By 1 February 2015 in the Main Building (al. 3 maja), there is a possibility to see a very interesting Olga Boznańska exhibition. We also encourage you to visit other departments of the National Museum, such as Józef Mehoffer House on Krupnicza street, which is well known by our students from their outdoor lessons. 
  • International Cultural Centre – a special place “hidden” in one of the tenement houses on the Main Market Square. We recommend to all history lovers the exhibition devoted to the heritage of Galicia: http://www.mck.krakow.pl/news/wystawa-mit-galicji.
  • MOCAK – located next to the Schindler’s Factory. It is the museum of contemporary art, one of the most modern and renowned in Kraków. This autumn, there are 5 temporary exhibitions. For more information you can visit: http://en.mocak.pl/exhibitions
  • The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków – this is what you call a museum! The Schindler’s Factory and Rynek Underground are only two of its 14 divisions. We recommend the Eagle Pharmacy and the Forgotten Heritage of Nowa Huta. 

See you in the museum! :)