Making yourself at home in Poland

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Information meeting for foreigners from outside the European Union.

On Saturday, November 30th, our school held a meeting on the legalization of stay of non-European Union citizens in Poland. The meeting was conducted by Oksana Postyhach, the International Organizaton for Migration consultant. Not only Varia students were present at the meeting, but also their families, friends and other people interested in this topic.

Important information provided during the meeting:

  • a foreigner can apply for the residence permit no later than 45 days before the expiry of the current document (you can do this a day after coming to Poland); exceeding the deadline for submission of the application may result in a negative response!
  • work permit for which an employer applies allows you to be legally employed only in a given company and on a particular job position
  • one of the conditions of acquiring the Polish citizenship is knowledge of the Polish language on B1 or higher levels (confirmed by a certificate)
  • in 2014 new regulations will be introduced governing the legal aspects of the stay of foreigners in Poland, e.g. the maximum validity of temporary residence permit will be prolonged to one year (from 2 years now to 3 years in the future)

We would like to express our gratitude once again to all of the meeting participants  and also to Oksana Postyhach for being patient and kind while answering our detailed questions.  ;)

Useful links: – a website devoted to the legal aspects of the foreigner stay in Poland; tips on how to deal with Polish offices - Legal Aid Center of Halina Nieć in Krakow; free legal advice for citizens from outside the European Union  - state certificate in the Polish language