"On high heels" on TV

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Whoever wants to look into the soul of Poland, let him look in Krakow. (Wilhelm Feldman).

Krakow is often associated with historical monuments, impressive museums and gothic churches. Visitors have been impressed not only with the several-centuries’ old tradition of the city, but also its unique, magical atmosphere that can enchants even the most savvy travellers.

It is exactly “the cities with a soul” that Kim Fisher, a renowned German journalist and vocalist, chooses for her travel destination in a TV program ‘Kim on the way’. She is an expert in the artistic side of cities, and also a buff for entertainment and… high-heeled shoes. Little wonder then, that she has been captivated by the program of our ‘Krakow On High Heels’ trip, a row of five days full of cultural and culinary experiences, relaxation and… a pinch of Polish language.

We are thrilled to have been invited to join the program and assist Kim in discovering the beauty of our city. Coffee chit-chatting, live music dances, the “Mad Dog” at the bar, and also a crash course in Polish… We have all had first-rate fun, which you can see for yourselves in the
„Krakauer (Ver)Fuehrungen” ("Seducing in Krakow") program.

The guests in the program are Steffen Moeller, the most renowned German in Poland, an author of a bestseller “Viva Polonia”, as well as the exceptionally talented and appreciated British violinist, Nigel Kennedy. We hope you will enjoy watching it, as much as we did making it!