VARIA - the best school in Cracow, according to Cracow Life ranking!

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For 7 years Cracow Life, a popular portal for foreigners organizes each year a competition and choses top 5 places in the following categories: best places to eat, best places to drink, best places to sleep, best places for services, best places for culture.

We are happy to inform that our Varia Polish Language Center is awarded in the category best places for services in 2012! The awards are defined due to the votes and opinions of internauts.

Awards in the category of the best service received as well: Fitness Mlyn Garden Spa, Mobile SPA book-a-balance, Sadhana yoga school, Ambra Day Spa.

Thank you our dear students for the fantastic opinions about Varia and first of all for your participation in our Polish language courses. Hope that next year thanks to our efforts and your voices we'll be the winners of the next competition.

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