The hottest summer in Krakow

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The astronomical summer lasts from 21 June to 23 September. And the summer at Varia? It’s 16 hot weeks! This year students from all over the world visited us again. They were very eager and enthusiastic to learn Polish, to discover Krakow and to spend their time in a close-knit international company.

And here are some statistics:

  • During the whole summer we hosted a record-breaking number of 225 students from 30 countries!
  • Women made up 52% of our students, men 48%.
  • The biggest group of students came to us from Germany (58 people), Ukraine (49 people) and the USA (21 people). Other students were from, e.g. Malta, Slovenia, Hungary, China, Morocco, Israel, Australia, Latvia, Sweden, Japan, Argentina, El Salvador…
  • We had around 2000 lessons during all 8 sessions!
  • We made (and ate!) more than 1000 dumplings on our culinary workshops!
  • We sang around 100 songs during karaoke parties (in numerous languages)…
  • Most of the students (30%) were at the A1.1 level, but we had C1 students as well (around 8%) and one student at C2 level (congratulations Tatiana!).
  • The most determined student stayed with us for… 8 weeks (bravo Sebastian!) :)
  • During 24 hours our students on average spent: 7 hours sleeping, 6 hours studying Polish (though we heard that some of them even more! J), 2 hours for sweet laziness by the Vistula or in café gardens and 2 hours practicing conversations over a beer or tea which they ordered themselves. ;)

Thank you all for everything, for your nice words and all comments. Thank you for being with us!

We’d also like to thank our teachers for their commitment and to congratulate them on the results of their work. We can’t forget about our office team for their help and positive energy. :)

So see you next year!