"How to stay legal in Poland?"

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As a part of the Festival INTERKULTURALIA 2015 co-organised by Varia Center of Polish Language and Association Interkulturalni PL we would like to invite you to participate in a free workshop for foreigners: "How to stay legal in Poland?". The meeting will take place on Friday, 23.10.2015, 5.00 pm, at Varia Polish Language Center, Michałowskiego 2/3 street.

During the workshop we will discuss the major reasons enabling temporary and permanent stay in Poland, all necessary requirements to fulfil and documents to submit. Institutions, deadlines tips'n'tricks - all will be explained and made clear. We will notify you also with major threats and traps to avoid while staying in Poland - a country with quite strict migration laws. 

The workshop will be conducted by dr Adam Bulandra - Vicepresident of Association INTERKULTURALNI PL. Lawyer, criminologist, gain his PhD title in 2011. Since 2003 successfully specializes in migration and refugee law, the theory as well as the practice. Social psychology and sociology belong to his main area of interests. Passionate advocate of diversity affirmation, full inclusion and reduction of social exclusion spheres.

The workshop is co-funded by the Municipality of Kraków.

Due to the limited number of places the registration in advance is obligatory. Please register via email to: m.rapacz@kurspolskiego.pl 

More information can be found on our Facebook.