Varia Talks - edition 2015/2016

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We are happy to announce that Varia Talks season is open! :)

As every year we'd like to invite all our Students for Varia Talks which are our evening conversation meetings. :). The first meeting will be held on Friday, 11th December, at 6.30 pm in Cafe Żarówka, Floriańska 20 Street and will be dedicated to B1-C1 groups. 

For the detailed schedule of the meeting click here. Also, before meetings all information will be provided on our Facebook page:

Participation in our conversation meetings is for free and of course voluntary. :) There is only one easy rule: we speak only in Polish, regardless of a language level. Fortunately, long evenings in autumn and winter are a perfect time for conversations is nice company while drinking hot chocolate or mulled beer. In such atmosphere you can forget about grammatical rules and speak freely… in Polish. :)