Active winter

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Even though spring seems to be just around the corner, we still have to wait some time before we spend a warm evening in the park having a picnic or just taking a walk. In the meantime however it’s worth the effort to get out of bed and, after putting behind us the gluttony of Christmas and Fat Thursday, gather your friends to spend the evening in a creative way. :)

Here are some of our ideas for you to survive the winter without falling into winter sleep:

A great alternative for the classic paintball and most of all lots of fun, regardless of age :) Lasertag (or Laser paintball) gives you the opportunity to test your tactical skills (and also to see if you’re still in shape ;) in a truly computer-game-like scenery. After finishing the game and getting back to the real world you can get some rest at the bar by having a glass  of freshly-squeezed juice.

Where? LASERPARK – Laserowe Centrum Rozrywki, Zabłocie st. 20/22

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Whether you want to feel like a Formula One driver, need an adrenaline rush or simply want to practice before getting your driving license Karts are the option for you! They are also a great idea for an unusual birthday party or bachelor night.

Where? GoKarting Center (Domagały st. 25), Tor Gokartowy Elikart M (Gromadzka st. 66), WRT Karting (Nowolipki st. 3)

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Escape Room
Next on our list comes a little workout... for your brain cells :) Lots of scenarios and one idea: how to escape a room in a limited amount of time by solving riddles and other mysteries with the answer lying in hidden clues. Great idea for a hang-out with your friends!

Where? Challenge Accepted (Wiślna st. 4/6), Escape Challenge (Dietla st. 29), Lost Room (Kremerowska st. 5).

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Board games
Board games are coming back in great style! Card games, strategy games, RPGs... there’s something for everyone. We especially recommend language and party games, where you can combine having fun with your friends and practicing some Polish :)

Where? Hex (Dwernickiego st. 5), Domówka Cafe (Miodowa st. 28a), Bard (Batorego st. 20/17)

For more information head to , or

And if you feel like mastering some Polish grammar we would like to invite you to come over to Varia and join one of our semester courses :) Not only do we give our students the opportunity to learn in a friendly, casual atmosphere, but also a possibility to meet people from all over the world, getting to know the Polish culture and also practicing your language and social skills at evening get-togethers in various pubs :)