Intensive 2-week Polish courses

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Intensive Polish classes, discovering Kraków, extra workshops and activities on Polish culture, sunbathing by the Vistula river and great people from all over the world... In other words: Summer at Varia! :). If you are interested in spending 2 amazing weeks in Kraków feel invited to join our intensive summer Polish courses with cultural programme and accommodation

A few words about the course:

Intensive courses are perfect for those who wish to start learning Polish, to refresh forgotten skills, to strengthen confidence in speaking, to broaden their vocabulary or get to know grammar better. 

Polish lessons are also slipped during our cultural programme. During our evening meetings, trips and workshops we try to speak as much Polish as possible. It’s easy to remember new expressions in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know Polish culture better, to make new friends and simply have fun. 

Classes are held in the mornings, from 9 am to 1 pm.  Afternoons and evenings are the special time for discovering Krakow and Polish culture and for integration! :)

Course dates:

I 04.06 - 17.06.2017
II 18.06 - 01.07.2017
III 02.07 - 15.07.2017
IV 16.07 - 29.07.2017
V 30.07 - 12.08.2017
VI 13.08 - 26.08.2017
VII 27.08 - 09.09.2017
VIII 10.09 - 23.09.2017

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