Street Food in Kraków

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Food trucks, street food, slow food… all of these have recently been extremely popular in Krakow. Here are some of our suggestions as to where to go when you feel like eating something delicious, but don’t want to spend ages waiting at a restaurant.

ZUPA Soup Bar, Warszauera street 3
A dinner without soup is no dinner at all – any Polish grandma will tell you that :) But if you already know the taste of żurek, rosół or barszcz and feel like trying something new, then we recommend stopping by at ZUPA Soup Bar in Kazimierz. They specialize in soups with a modern twist and offer a new menu every week. One of our favorites!

Bezogródek Food Truck Park, Piastowska street 20
A new place on Kraków’s culinary map, which has quickly gained thousands of fans. Located right next to the Błonia meadow, it will becharm you not only with the wide variety of food trucks, but also with the lovely garden decorated with fairy lights. Perfect for spending a warm, summer evening.

V.G. Food, Karmelicka street 43
One of our favourite food trucks, right next to Varia Center. They serve 100% beef burgers and kumpirs – jacket potatos with various toppings of your choosing. Not only do we admire their food, but also the lady serving it, who is one of the nicest people ever.

Zapiekanki z Okrąglaka, plac Nowy in Kazimierz
A classic, which all of you should know by now, but if not… you should be going there straight away :) An original and oldest Polish street food recipe, it has now become a great way to recharge your batteries during a night out, between one club and another.