Polish Summer at Varia 2016 - a lot was going on!

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Summer has come to the end and so have the summer intensive Polish courses at Varia. This year, together with our students, we managed to break quite a few records: from the number of hours spent on learning Polish to the amount of flour used to make pierogi or calories burnt during several bike tours. See for yourselves! :)


This summer Varia has been visited by 206 students (!) from 33 different countries and 6 continents.
The longest journey was taken by our student from Australia, who covered the distance of...
...15704 kilometers to get to us (WOW!!!)

One can do everything for love… for Polish. :)

The age gap between our youngest and oldest summer student was 76 years! 
On the photo you can see Virginia – the youngest at heart of all the students. :)

Within 16 weeks we’ve carried out over 1530 Polish lessons. (Think how much homework it is! :)). 
We’re proud to say that all our students were granted a certificate at the end of the course. :)

Our students spent altogether 43 hours on different workshops, exploring Polish culture and language,
eg. Learning the difference between “zarąbisty” and “zajebisty”. :)

During the karaoke parties we discovered many hidden talents.
We sang almost everything: from Italian 70’s hits and American rock classics to Polish popular music.
The language barrier has been definitely broken! :)

We made over 100 kilometers by bike on the Kraków-Tyniec route – BRAWO! :)

We made (and ate :)) over 400 pierogi. Not all at once of course. ;)

An there were a lot of things which we can’t count, like: get-togethers...

…interesting trips around Kraków…

…testing one’s Polish skills in real life situations…

…engaging conversations over the morning coffee or Polish beer in the evening…

…tasting together delicious Polish food…

…and lots, lots of fun! :)

Thank you for the great time spent together and making our school the happiest place in Krakow! :)

We hope to see you in 2017! Do zobaczenia! :)