Intensive summer courses

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From the beginning of July to the end of September each year Varia becomes an unusual place... Over 200 people from all over the world come to our school, among them: our new students and old friends, those who begin their adventure with Polish and the ‘veterans’ of our courses, the young and young at heart :), those loving Poland and those in love with the Polish… All this in sunny weather and in Krakow – full of tourist and cultural attractions. Can you ask for more? :)

For those of you who’d like to join our ‘inner circle’, we have prepared a sample of what you can experience during our summer courses in Krakow;

1. Each day begins in a useful and… pleasant way, that is – Polish lessons! We can assure you that intensive conversations in Polish are as stimulating as morning coffee. :)

2. Speaking of coffee… After intensive 90-minute work, there is finally time to relax on a 15-minute break, with a cup of hot tea or coffee (served for free :)) and:

  • share experiences from the previous day and plan your evening together (for the outgoing)
  • join multilingual conversations in Polish, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or sometimes in all those languages mixed together (not only for linguists!)
  • book tickets for a weekend in Zakopane (for the active)
  • exchange recipes for bigos (hunter’s stew) and gołąbki (cabbage rolls) – for those with an appetite
  • have a power nap (for party animals)
  • buy a sweet bun with cheese for lunch (for the hungry)
  • take selfies (for the photogenic)

As you can see, there’s a little something for everyone! :)

3. Now, relaxed and motivated, we’re going back to class. Grammar, phonetics, and most of all – conversations… You’ll see how easy and quick it is to start speaking Polish (grammatically! :)) during our courses.

After classes, your grey cells will be further exercised during our workshops on:

4. Pronunciation? Slang? Polish music? Or maybe you feel like joining a virtual trip through Poland?

5. Still hungry for more? Then it’s time for dinner together! Sushi, kebab, pizza, kotlet schabowy with cabbage... – you’ll find cuisine from all over the world in Krakow. But the rumour has it that the best dinner is served by our students during culinary workshops. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself! :)

6. The afternoon is a perfect time to discover Krakow. Apart from workshops, we have prepared numerous tourist and cultural attractions as part of our cultural programme:

  • discovering Krakow with a tour guide
  • bike trips through the picturesque regions of Krakow
  • evening get-togethers in cult pubs…
  • visiting the most interesting museums in the city

7. And the next day... Would you like to find out more? You are more than welcome to join as at Varia! :)

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