Dzień dobry wakacje! Varia summer party for foreigners!

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Saturday night in the heart of Krakow, great people from all over the world, summer’s in the air, the feet are tapping to the beat of music… this year we decided to celebrate the end of the Varia school year with a big party. :)

Feel warmly invited to join us on Saturday 27th May at 8:00 pm for a Varia Summer Party at Hala Główna, Dolnych Młynów 10 Street! For every Varia student we prepared a special free drink coupon. :)

That’s not all! The event is going to be multicultural, so don’t hesitate to bring your friends, relatives, neighbors or pets. ;)

Mark your calendars and save the date – your presence is required! ;) 

See you soon!
Varia Team