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                              VARIA’S RECOMMENDATIONS    
                                    What's going on this week?
                                         27.11.2017 – 3.12.2017

         Exhibition: Opening of the Gallery of Steel Figures in Krakow
             The exhibition of steel figures is the first steel gallery in the world. There you will be able to see amazing 
             sculptures inspired by some characters from fairytales, films and sculptures of the most eexpensive cars of the world.

             When? 29th November at 12:00 PM     
             Were? Museum Municipal Engineering,  Św. Wawrzyńca 15
             Ticket? From 25 PLN

        Concert: Polish band Pidżama Porno
If           If you like rock music and dynamic songs you should celebrate this anniversary with this Polish band.
             30 years ago Pidżama Porno had their first concert. People have loved their music  which is a mixture of
             rock, punk rock and alternative music. Even if you  have never listened to their songs, you will like its rhythm,
             lyrics and you will enjoy your time. For a good start you can listen to Ezoteryczny Poznań 😊
             When? 1st December at 7:00 PM
             Where? Studio Club, Budryka 4 street
             Ticket? 60 PLN
       Cinema: Serce Miłości ( A heart of love)
            It is a Polish film (with English subtitles) about young poet and artist. They look like male and female
            versions of the same person. In their relationship, love is intertwined with art, one is reflection of the other.
            They live in a world they have created, where they can design and control everything. Everything, except their own emotions...

         When? From 1st December
         Where? Kino Pod Baranami, Rynek Główny 27
         Ticket? 10 - 20 PLN