Easter in Poland

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If you’ve arrived to Poland not too long time ago, there is probably quite a few secrets you haven’t discovered yet, for example… some Polish traditions. The upcoming weekend means Easter time - very traditional and very Polish. Catholics prepare for it during the 40 days of Lent. Lent finishes on Good Friday – the most serious day in a Christian calendar. However, right after follows cheerful Saturday. Children paint “pisanki” (colourful eggs) and families go to a church to bless their baskets full of goodies. All the dainties are consumed on the next morning during the very special Easter breakfast. The meal starts with sharing an egg between a kin (thus you might have heard already a wish “smacznego jajka!”, which simply means “enjoy your egg” 😊). Then a family eats a żurek – traditional Easter soup and some other delicacies. Fun fact - a feast menu will differ according to the region in which it’s celebrated.

The favourite day for all kids is Easter Monday called “śmigus-dyngus”. It’s time of pouring water on each other. The tradition comes from the pagan times and was supposed to guarantee luck, success, beauty and fertility. So if you get soaked on Easter Monday  - hurra! A favorable sign 😊!

The sweetest part of Easter – mazurek and babka wielkanocna – are traditional Easter pastries. Remember, the best cakes are homemade, preferably baked by the granny. 😊

Wishing you “smacznego jajka” and wet śmigus-dyngus! And see you back after the holidays! 😊