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Ideas for the winter-time

If your home is sunny Spain, hot Columbia or always-green Venezuela, our Polish winter might be slightly surprising for you. Sometimes the temperature drops to -15 Celsius degrees, the other time you wake up to see the frost outside your window and freshly snow fallen. The question is – what to do when it’s freezing outside? If your strategy is sneaking from one cosy and warm place to the other, it might come as a surprise that Poles seem not to be bothered with cold. Sun or snow...

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Sport is good for health. Who doesn't know this sentence? Autumn and winter are not conducive to physical activity but do not let rain and shorter days to discourage you.    Let's move and let's do something for ourselves! Especially when it s gloomy outside, regular exercises will give you a good mood and  good time.   

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Endorphins, caffeine and Polish language

The autumn is about to come irrevocably. Does that only mean long and rainy evenings, the lack of the optimistic sun and boredom? Of course not! Together with the beginning of October we welcame our new and permanent students, who  started in Varia a new „Polish” chapter in their lives.   

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In search of health food in Kraków

 Forget about all supermarkets, because here come a few eco-places in the city which are worth visiting. 

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Active winter

Even though spring seems to be just around the corner, we still have to wait some time before we spend a warm evening in the park having a picnic or just taking a walk.