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In the footsteps of love – creative ways on Valentine's Day in Kraków.

Valentine's Day is getting closer. That is why, we have prepared some interesting ideas on how you can spend the day with your "other half".

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Ideas for long winter evenings

Winter in Poland is a good time for people who like to spend their free time in the evenings. 

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Od karpika do śledzika. A short culinary guide to Polish Christmas.

There is no denying it, Christmas is just around the corner! We made a short culinary guide to help you prepare for Polish-style Christmas...

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Works of Art Everyone Learning Polish Should know!

Autumn is perfect for... taking a walk at the museum! We would like to present you some of the Polish artworks, which we believe everyone who learns Polish should know!

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Polish Summer at Varia 2016 - a lot was going on!

Summer has come to the end and so have the summer intensive Polish courses at Varia.