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Polish on the football pitch

Along with the new season, MKS Cracovia’s footballers welcomed a new player in their team – our teacher Magda Górna.

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Street Food in Kraków

Street food is a great option when you feel like eating something delicious, but don’t want to spend ages waiting at a restaurant. Here are some of our personal favourites :)

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The best ice-cream in Kraków

There is nothing better than delicious ice-cream to cool you down during the tropical heat. We’ll give you some advice where to find the best in Kraków.

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"How to stay legal in Poland?"

As a part of the Festival INTERKULTURALIA 2015 we would like to invite you to participate in a free workshop for foreigners.

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A guide to museums in Kraków

During autumn the cultural life in Kraków is flourishing – the opening night at Teatr Stary, new movies in cinemas, previews of art exhibitions, festivals… To cut a long story short: these are the ideas for a romantic date, an evening spent with your friends, a special weekend with your family or just a “practical” way to take shelter for cold and rainy days...