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If holiday, then Kraków - CMT in Stuttgart


The most interesting ideas for spending holiday, tourist offers from more than a hundred countries all over the world, unique offers for camping lovers, but most of all – amazing atmosphere…

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Making yourself at home in Poland


Information meeting for foreigners from outside the European Union. On Saturday, November 30th, our school held a meeting on the legalization of stay of non-European Union citizens in Poland. The meeting was conducted by Oksana Postyhach, the International Organizaton for Migration consultant. Not only Varia students were present at the meeting, but also their families, friends and other people interested in this topic.

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"On high heels" on TV


Whoever wants to look into the soul of Poland, let him look in Krakow. (Wilhelm Feldman). Krakow is often associated with historical monuments, impressive museums and gothic churches. Visitors have been impressed not only with the several-centuries’ old tradition of the city, but also its unique, magical atmosphere that can enchants even the most savvy travellers.

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VARIA - the best school in Cracow, according to Cracow Life ranking!


For 7 years Cracow Life, a popular portal for foreigners organizes each year a competition and choses top 5 places in the following categories: best places to eat, best places to drink, best places to sleep, best places for services, best places for culture.