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New semester at Varia!


We’re happy to announce a new semster at Varia! On the 10th of June we start the new semester courses. It will last until the 17th of September and we guarantee that you won’t get bored with us😊 Beside the regular classes we will be meeting also outside of the classroom – on the conversational meetings, integration parties and outdoor classes.

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Polish in cosmetology


Do you work in a beauty salon? Do you know the basis of Polish language? Would you like to feel more at ease while talking with clients or perhaps  you lack some professional vocabulary? We’re inviting you to our new course Polish in cosmetology. You will learn the most useful words and phrases in a beauty salon. You will practice dialogs and grammar. We’ll make sure that you get a chance to work on your pronunciation and accent.

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Kissing a hand - savoir-vivre workshops


Dear student! You’re much invited for Polish savoir-vivre workshops that will take place this Monday (23.04) at 1:45 p.m.

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New semester at Varia


Hi! Do you feel that learning Polish is really your thing? Or perhaps you’ve decided to learn totally new language this year 😊? It doesn’t meter whether you already speak Polish or you just want to start your adventure with the language! Whether you have the time in the morning or in the evening – we’ll find the right group for you!   At our courses the classes take place twice a week (2x90 min), in the morning (9.30 am – 11.00am) or in the evening...

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Dear Students, On behalf of all Varia team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Under the Christmas tree and in the New Year, find: a lot of strength and motivation to fulfill your dreams the bag of reasons to laugh a lot of free time (also for learning Polish 😊) inspirational travels tasty borscht, piece of poppy seed ... and dietetic cod with vegetables See you in New Year! Varia-Team