3-week intensive courses

The course involves the communicative method which means that the main emphasis is put on speaking skills. 

The main technique in class is group work and dialogues in pairs. We often use real-life materials such as leaflets, TV shows, dialogues. The role of a teacher is crucial as it’s the teacher who creates real-life environment in class. All lessons (also for beginners) are taught only in Polish. We usually work in international groups in which Polish is the only ‘common’ language’. The results of the communicative method can be seen very quickly and this is an additional motivation for students. 

Even though we concentrate on speaking mainly, it doesn’t mean that we neglect other language skills – listening, grammatical correctness, reading and writing. All language skills are an integral part of each course as they influence the efficiency and ease of communication. 

During the course we are working on our own materials as well as using the text and exercises from the popular books to teach Polish. For the beginner levels our teachers have prepared a coursebook, which contains grammar and vocabulary on the A1 level. It is based mostly on communication and lexical exercises.