Conversational ONLINE course


August 5th 2020 - September 11th 2020

Meetings take place on Wednsdays at 4pm and on Friday at 6pm (CEST)

Note: You do not have to take part in the entire course, you can choose the topics of your interest and participate only in these classes ­čśŐ


The minimum number of classes you pay for: 6 meetings of 90 minutes
Price: PLN 490

You will pay only 70 PLN for each subsequent 90-minute class!

The entire course includes twelve 90-minute meetings.
If you decide to attend all classes, the discounted price is 890 PLN.

If your knowledge of Polish language is at least on B1 level, you like casual conversations on various topics, but you do not have many opportunity to speak Polish - the conversational course is just for you.

We chose the topics of the meetings based on the experience of our teachers and the preferences of the students. We want them to be practical and specific, but also interesting and emotional, encouraging to speak, speak, speak ...

The course will help you expand your vocabulary, work on pronunciation, as well as on correct and fluent communication. It will also be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with interesting people from different countries.






4 pm

 You may not like cooking, but you definitely enjoy eating! Culinary tastes in   our families and countries. Recipes for interesting dishes.


6 pm

 Everyday savoir-vivre, gestures and symbols in different countries. What do   they mean? How can we avoid mishaps?


4 pm

 Travels. Your advice, tips, inspiration. Solo travel / with a friend / family.


6 pm

 Our beloved (?) neighbors. Friends? Anonymous residents? Or maybe   potential enemies?


4 pm

 Money, money, money ... Do we save? What do we like to spend money one?Does money bring happiness?


6 pm

 What's new on the labor market? Typical and atypical offers. What may   surprise us during an interview? Does remote work have a future?


4 pm

 Choose a relationship or be single? How to find our other half? Are there any   ideals? Life dramas and stories with a happy ending.


6 pm

 Is it fun to be a kid? Is it fun having kids? Memories from childhood (games,   books, friends, our fears). How does the arrival of a child change our lives and ourselves?


4 pm

 Speculation and "begging". What if….? What would we do in various strange   situations? Is our life ruled by chance?


6 pm

 Any occasion is good to celebrate. Holidays, traditions, events in Poland and   other countries.


4 pm

 Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and meetings in real life. How   does modern media change interpersonal relations?


6 pm

 Surprise ­čśë