Conversational ONLINE course


22.10.2021 - 28.01.2022

Meetings take place on Friday at 6pm - 7:30pm on Zoom. 

Note: You do not have to take part in the entire course, you can choose the topics of your interest and participate only in these classes ­čśŐ.


60 PLN/12 EUR one conversational meeting (90min)

If your knowledge of Polish language is at least on A2.2 level, you like casual conversations on various topics, but you do not have many opportunities to speak Polish - the conversational course is just for you.ÔÇő

We chose the topics of the meetings based on the experience of our teachers and the preferences of the students. We want them to be practical and specific, but also interesting and emotional, encouraging to speak, speak, speak...

The course will help you to expand your vocabulary, work on your pronunciation as well as on correct and fluent communication. It will also be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with interesting people from different countries.





6 pm

APPEARANCE - does it matter to you? How much importance do people in your country place on appearance? Is appearance a reflection of our personality? The magic of the first impression.


6 pm

WE ARE GOING TO THE PARTY! Disco, concert or barbecue at your home - where do you like to party? What's your recipe for a successful party? How are "house parties" celebrated in your country?


6 pm

BECAUSE AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! Is aging more difficult for men or women? Do you think people will ever be able to stop getting old? Are the elderly in your country "young at heart"?


6 pm

IS COURTESY A SUBMISSION? Does it always pay off to be nice and polite? What character traits does the modern world require of us? What behaviour is considered "good" in one culture and "bad" in another?


6 pm

DO WE WORK TO LIVE OR LIVE TO WORK? Do modern people consider work to be the most important thing? How to maintain the right balance between career and private life?


6 pm

LET’S TALK ABOUT POLAND AND POLES… What is the most surprising in Poland, what makes you laugh, what irritates you? What kind of people are Poles?

21.01.2022 6 pm

EMIGRATION AND LIFE ABROAD. Let's talk about the causes and effects of emigration. About multilingualism, mixed families, compromises...

28.01.2022 6 pm

IT’S FUN TO BE A CHILD… Childhood memories (games, books, friends, our fears). What weird, funny thing did you believe as a kid? Have children ever lived better?

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What you need to attend online classes: 

  • A computer with a headset with a built-in multimedia set (speaker and microphone) or a separate microphone and headphones. We recommend the latter solution.
  • Peace and quiet in the room where you are having a lesson. :)

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