For children

Effective learning through movement and laughter in a pleasant atmosphere!

Lessons for children should be a combination of fun and adventure. We keep (or make) our youngest students enthusiastic and motivated by using suitable teaching methods, fun and language games. In this way, all their senses are activated.

For children we offer individual lessons and group courses.

Individual lessons
Whether you are an expat in Krakow, or have a Polish background, at Varia we can open up the beauty of Polish language to your child. 
Supported by our expert teachers, young students are introduced to Polish in an easy-going, yet effective way. For children who are raised in Polish environment, but have never learned to read and write in Polish before the classes will be an opportunity to level up all language skills. On the other hand, children who are just beginning their journey with Polish will faster open up to the new language, and thus to the new reality. What’s more, one-to-one classes will also prepare your child for school activities among Polish-language schoolmates. The tutorial can also be an additional help in filling the gaps and levelling out curriculum differences. 

Price of individual lesson: 70 PLN / 18€ for 45 min. 

Group courses  
We create groups by age and level of advancement. Children learn with people of the same age, because they have the same interests and intelectual skills; difference in children's age is not more than 2 years. If your child has learned Polish already, he or she will be invited for a meeting during which the teacher will check his or her level and can place him or her in the right group.

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