Group courses for children

Effective and pleasant learning through movement, action and laughter!

Lessons for children should be a fun and unforgettable adventure. We maintain (or arouse) the interest and enthusiasm of our youngest students by using age-appropriate language methods, games and activities in order to engage all the senses of our pupils.

What do the classes look like?

  • Children learn best through movement, action and laughter, and in the company of their peers.
  • The teacher speaks to children in a simple language with a large number of repetitions, so that a child can remember new vocabulary better.
  • Learning is often done by imitating everyday situations, games and plays that motivate a child to learn through laughter and positive associations.
  • A friendly and relaxed atmosphere during a lesson allows to quickly break down barriers in the use of Polish.

Our teachers have rich imagination, as well as artistic and cheerful disposition. They are full of inner joy and passion. They are also extremely committed to their work and always make sure that learning Polish is a positive and joyful experience for children.