Individual lessons for children

Children learn languages in a natural way; however, the way they are taught is crucial. 

Movement, action, laughter and friends are children’s best allies in education!
We make sure that your child does not perceive learning as serious and tedious work, but on the contrary – that they feel they are having a great time speaking the new language during the whole lesson. When talking to children, we use plain language and multiple repetitions, just as parents teaching a mother tongue. During classes children take part in pre-arranged everyday situations, learning practical phrases with the use of pantomime elements and a variety of games and activities. And there are plenty of funny moments too, since laughter and positive associations motivate children to keep learning and making rapid progress.

Our tutors are passionate female teachers of Polish, gifted with rich imagination, artistic and cheerful disposition and a great deal of inner joy and passion. They are extremely involved in their work and always ensuring that learning Polish is a positive and joyful experience for children.