Intensive summer courses


Further summer courses are offered in the 2022 summer season.

  Summer courses 2022
I 27.06 - 08.07.2022
II 11.07 - 22.07.2022
III 25.07 - 05.08.2022

You can combine the sessions and stay for 1, 2, 3…  or even 12 weeks.

It is possible to book the course with the accommodation. For more information, click here.


2-week course: 1280 PLN / 300 €
- 40 lesson units
- teaching materials
- certificate of attendance, progress report
- workshop on Polish language

Details in the price list.

Each additional 2-week course: 1180 PLN / 280 


I  590 PLN / 130 € - paid during registration
II 690 PLN / 170 € - paid on the first course day

Discounts for our regular students!

Polish language classes, conversations and language workshops

Our summer course will enable you to learn the basics of Polish and to deepen your knowledge. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to study in Poland, need Polish for business or private purposes or just want to SPEAK Polish.  

 Number of hours per week:  15/20* hours
 *2–4 students in a group – 3 lessons per day
  more than 4 students in a group – 4 classes per day
 Time:   9.30 - 12.45 (a 15-minute break for free tea or coffee included)
 Days:  Monday–Friday
 Size of a group:  maximally 12 students, usually from 6 to 8
 Language levels:  we offer courses at all language levels, from A1 to C2
 Accommodation:  for the additional payment, more info here
 Cultural program:  2 activities for free, possibility to buy additional attractions

About the classes

  • During our summer courses we put the main emphasis on communication – you speak Polish from the first class. 
  • Grammar is always introduced and exercised as a part of communication.
  • Frequent revisions motivate students to regular work and make it easier to learn bigger parts of material.
  • Nice and stress-free atmosphere in class makes it easier to break the language barrier.
  • The course ends with a final test and certificate distribution ceremony.

Our students as ‘auditors’ have the possibility to sit on classes of other groups with a similar language level. What’s more, students who are motivated to work harder and who have more free time can count on additional homework. 
You can learn Polish very intensively. With the help of our teachers, you’ll see the results quickly, even after two weeks. 

Polish not only during lessons

We take care that each group can check out their Polish language skills in natural environment. As a part of a course we’re organizing classes outside of our school: at the streets of the city, cafes, market squere…

Also, once every 2 weeks after regular lessons, we organise language workshops on important and interesting aspects of Polish language, for example ‘W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie – pronunciation’,  ‘Polish slang’, but also cultural workshops such as ‘I shall not kiss your hand! – Polish savior vivre’ or  ‘The best of Poland – what we are proud of 😊’.

Evenings are for meetings, integration and chatting – best if done in Polish 😊. We’ll invite you to our favorite cafes, coolest clubs and places known only by the locals!

Free time with Polish culture

If you have some free time and you want to get to know Kraków and Polish culture better, you should check out optional attractions we’re providing for our students 😊

During the summer course we’re organizing a tour around the city, cooking workshops, visiting the most interesting museums in Kraków and more!

For more information about the cultural programme, click here.

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