Intensive summer courses

We would like your stay in Krakow to be pleasant, safe and comfortable. This is why it is so important that you feel just right in the place you're staying. It should be a place that enables you to rest, go through your notes, do your homework and plan your free time in Krakow. 

All flats that we offer our students are close to the city centre and our school. Getting to the classes using the city transportation shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes

The accommodation is provided from Sunday before the course to Saturday, the day after the course (13 nights). If you are interested in another time frame, let us know and we will provide you with an individual offer.

We offer 3 kinds of accommodation.


There are 2-rooms apartments, with modern furniture, in new buildings a Wrocławska and Prądnicka streets. They are located about 1 km from the city centre (you can get to Varia in 20 minutes walking)

Each apartament consist of a separate bedroom, a dining room with a kitchen, bathroom and a balcony. They are fully equipped (washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, air-conditioning (at some apartments), hair-dryer)

Especially recommended for the ones who value their independence, comfort and proximity of the Main Square.

The price for a 2-weeks (13-nights) is:

-for one person: 2300 PLN

-for two people: 2700 PLN

-for three or four people: 3000 PLN

Apartament na PrądnickiejApartament na PrądnickiejApartementApartament na Wrocławskiej

This type of housing holds numerous advantages; it's an opportunity to experience the real life of a Polish family - see their regular day from the inside, what they eat for Sunday lunches, how they entertain their guests... This is also a perfect chance for those who would like to practice Polish in everyday, natural situations. 

We especially recommend stay at a family to those who value peace and quiet, homelike atmosphere, as well as those who feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar city and would like to devote as much time as possible to studying.

There is a possibility to book a single room or a place in a twin room.

Single room: 1000 PLN (13 nights)
Bed in a twin room: 700 PLN (13 nights)

This is the most popular form of housing among our summertime students, and a great opportunity to make new friendships and learn other cultures. Staying together, students can hang out after classes, help each other with homework, party and travel outside Krakow on the weekends. We recommend the shared accommodation to young and independent people, who appreciate a casual and unfettered atmosphere in the apartment.

There is a possibility to book a single room or a place in a twin room.

Single room: 1200 PLN (13 nights)

The price for the accommodation does not include meals.

You can prepare a breakfast in the apartment, though for a dinner we’d rather recommend you a visit to one of Cracow’s cafes or restaurants. Thanks to Varia Card, you will receive a discount at some of the nicest places! We will provide you with the list of recommended restaurants with tasty, healthy and inexpensive meals on the first day of the course.

The type of accommodation should be chosen in the application form. In the comments concerning type of accommodation, please inform us on any special requirements you might have (e.g. preferred accommodation with a host family or in a quite area) or any relevant health issues (e.g. disability).