Intensive summer courses

How to make the best pierogi ruskie? Whom to ask for an autograph in Krakow? Which places to visit in Poland? How to communicate in Polish by gestures?

Our cultural programme consists of a whole range of exciting activities which will give you the possibility not only to make use of your free time, but also to get to know the Polish culture better. It’s also an opportunity to use Polish in everyday life situations.

Some of the elements of cultural program (described below) we offer as part of 2-weeks intensive Polish course and they are for free. Other activities we’re organising on demand and they are additionally payed.

During your course in Varia you will have a chance to participate in:

A welcome and a farewell party
Polish sausage, French cheese, Belgian chocolate... A lot of goodies and new friends from all over the world right from the beginning. And at the end, Polish sweets and certificates to make saying goodbye to Kraków less painful.

Free for participants of the course

Guided city tours in the Old Town 
There aren't many cities in the world which are as beautiful and enchanting as Kraków is. Our guides will show you the way to the most interesting corners of Kraków, tell you all the fascinating legends and lead you to the places largely frequented by locals. We would like Kraków to be your city as well!

Price: 70 PLN

International get-togethers 
Those are propositions for spedning together some free-time: evenings with Polish songs, tasting Polish beer, dancing until the sunrise...


Attractions of ‘green’ Kraków
Summer in Kraków: hot and sunny… This is a perfect time for picnics in the city parks, bike rides and sweet laziness on the beach by the Vistula river. All in a good company and over a cold lemonade. Long live the moment!

Price: 60 PLN

Language workshops – such as ‘Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie – pronunciation’, ‘Masakra, nie czaję – Polish slang’, ‘Kawa – kawusia, Katarzyna – Kasia. Are we talking about the same thing and why Polish loves diminutive forms.'

Price: 40 PLN

Lectures and workshops – such as  ‘Polish cities, towns and the wonders of nature which you must see’;
‘Can a Polish movie be interesting for foreign viewers?’; ‘Kraków – the heart of Polish culture’.

Price: 40 PLN

Polish cuisine – culinary workshops and a Polish lesson in one. Aromatic żurek, Polish ‘ruskie pierogi’, beetroot soup with ravioli… Polish cuisine: tasty, diverse and very nourishing. Our workshops are a real culinary fest, which will help you to prepare easy and yummy dishes.

Price: 40 PLN

The remaining attractions in the programme are prepared according to the current events in Krakow,
e.g. Jewish Culture Festival, Coke Live Festival, Night of Museums, Night of Churches etc.

Moreover, each student receives a specially prepared guidebook on the best pubs, restaurants, museums and galleries. This 'Varia must-have' will for sure make it easier for you to find the most delicious pierogi in Krakow :), best jazz clubs and many other unique places which you wouldn't find in 'ordinary' city guidebooks.

Weekends are at your disposal. You can spend your time in Zakopane, Ojców, Oświęcim or Wieliczka.

We will be happy to help you organise your free time and provide you with all information.