Krakow on high heels

Attention! The order of events can be changed.

'The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach' – welcoming supper/day 1

Handmade pierogi, beetroot soup with ravioli, bigos and żurek.… Polish cuisine: tasty, various and very, very nourishing. For supper (don’t count calories :)) we invite you to a stylish restaurant, famous for its cuisine. The unique atmosphere will be a perfect way to appreciate Polish hospitality and get to know each other better.                     

Fall in love with Kraków – an unusual tour through the Old Town/day 2   

This truly feminine walk will give you a rare opportunity to explore the Old Town and experience the magical atmosphere of the city. Together we’ll visit well-known and impressive places, but also those which are usually inaccessible to tourists. All this in the company of our sociable guide, who never lacks a sense of humour and a whole lot of intriguing information about Kraków!                                                                   


With Poles, speaking Polish – an instant Polish lesson/day 2  

You will be surprised how fast you pick up Polish words and phrases during the whole trip. Indeed, we will help you learn some of the essential Polish. Simple, basic and very useful expressions will turn out helpful in many situations and certainly will stir up positive feelings in the person you talk to.     

Beauty day - fashion, beauty, relaxation/day 2    

Let us now spend the whole day only on fashion and our beauty. A relaxing massage (or any other beauty treatment you'll choose) will feel you with enthusiasm and good energy. If you are into fashion, the original clothes and jewellery are waiting for you in a studio of a befriended artist.You will find them nowhere else - whenever you put them on, the atmosphere of Krakow will come back to you. 


Let's cook up something Polish - culinary workshop/day 3

Poles love pierogi, they can be found in every Polish restaurant. Making them is probably the oldest Polish culinary tradition. We will organise a real pierogi feast – we’ll reveal our unique recipe to you and we'll create together a lot of fancy little pierogi.

Dating Kraków by night – get-together in a Kraków's pub/day 3

The old streets are vibrating with young energy, the pubs resound with live music... The inhabitants of other cities can only dream of the nightlife you can live in Kraków. We will visit together the places which are worth having a look inside, where they play the best concerts and serve the tastiest drinks.