One-to-one online lessons

Individual online lessons are an easy, convenient and modern way to learn Polish!

100 PLN / 23 € - for 60 minutes
130 PLN / 30 € - 60 min lesson for 2 people

Oone-to-one online lessons give you the possibility to stay in touch with a native Polish speaker regardless of where you live. You have a chance to learn in a comfortable and homey atmosphere. 

One-to-one online lessons:

  • Do not require your presence in a particular place or time – they can be held where you want and when you want, at any place and any time.
  • Are a great solution for people who travel a lot – the only thing you need is a properly equipped computer with the Internet access.
  • Allow you to save time and money needed for commuting, especially if you live far away from big cities.
  • Can be adjusted  to your everyday schedule – you can have your lesson even an hour before going to work or before a lunch break, but also during evening hours.
  • Can be suited to the needs, preferences and individual pace of learning of each student.
  • Are held in the conditions that you feel the most comfortable in - you can sit back in your own armchair with a cup of your favourite tea.
  • Thanks to the use of various multimedia tools (such as Skype, YouTube or classes are engaging and interesting.

What you need to attend online classes: 

  • A computer with a headset with a built-in multimedia set (speaker and microphone) or a separate microphone and headphones. We recommend the latter solution.
  • Free Skype programme installed on your computer (download here).
  • Peace and quiet in the room where you are having a lesson. :)

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