One-to-one online lessons

Online lessons don’t differ from regular lessons. The lesson material is adjusted to your language level as well as to your needs and expectations. Together with your teacher you will set your goals. While creating a lesson plan, the teacher will take your suggestions into account. 

Similar to ‘traditional’ lessons, online classes involve the communicative method in which the main emphasis is put on speaking skills. Conversational exercises will be introduced from your first class. Your teacher will adjust the pace of lesson and the language used to your language level and will create as many possibilities to speak as possible. 

During your lessons you are going to practise all language skills (reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension) and vocabulary – all according to your needs. We’ll take care of your linguistic correctness, pronunciation and the usage of grammatical forms. 

Your teacher will use the textbooks that we have tested and approved, together with their own materials. You will receive texts, exercises, recordings and homeworks via e-mail. 

It’s possible to adjust the course to your needs. The course can be focused on conversations, specialist language concerning, e.g. banking, marketing, tourism, medicine and many other.