Semester courses

varia (Latin: variety, diversity)
… because Varia is not only about learning. 

With our Varia students we…

Have conversations, discussions and fun…
During our conversational meetings (Varia talks) we talk about different topics (in Polish :)). We come from various countries and cultures. We want to get to know each other as much as we can. We always have a lot of questions to ask and a lot to talk about. 

Have a look at the sample topics of our conversational meetings

We sing, dance and party…
Because there are a lot of reasons to celebrate! The beginning and the end of semesters, Carnival, St. Andrew’s Day… Our meetings are a great opportunity to talk, dance salsa or have a beer. And all of this in the company of people from all over the world!

We exercise our tongues and grey cells…
for example during the pronunciation workshops and Polish slang.
‘Magia prefiksów’, ‘Wszystkie sz, cz, ś i ć w języku polskim’, ‘Jak rozmawiać z kumplem a jak z szefem’ – these are only the sample topics of our language workshops. They are always very popular with our students as they combine fun, learning and integration.

We will keep you informed about our all meetings, lectures and workshops. For more information, please visit our Facebook fanpage.

In the school office you can also get some guidebooks prepared by us on the best pubs, restaurants, museums and galleries in Kraków. This “Varia-essential” will for sure make it easier for you to reach the most delicious dumplings, the best jazz music clubs and other unique places in the city. 

What’s more, thanks to the Varia Card you can get discounts in many places recommended by us.
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