Weekend online courses

Can I receive a certificate that I attend the Polish language course? What conditions should be met?

Our students may need a certificate to apply for a visa or for the extension of a legal stay in Poland. The certificate is issued to those students who have signed up for a given course and paid at least the first instalment.

Is it possible to combine my weekend course with any other course during the week?

Yes, it’s possible. The best option is to combine your weekend course with individual classes, especially if you want to make up for the material you missed due to the absence. 

It’s also possible to combine your weekend course with 3-week intensive course. However, you have to bear in mind that some topics during the weekend and any other group course can be similar. 


How will my progress be assessed?

Our teachers prepare a progress report form with the following information: test results, commitment and work during lessons. On this basis, the teachers prepare a final progress report for each student – description of all language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.

Additionally, in your progress report form you can find advice from your teacher to help you with your further learning. You can also check your progress during the course. Your teacher can talk to you and advise you.

How can I find out what my language level is?

To check your language level it is enough if you come to our school for an interview with one of our Polish teachers. We will also ask you to fill in the written test. Please, be advised that the meeting in our school will take you about 30 minutes. The qualification test is also available on our website. 

Feel free to come to us every day, from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. Our address is 2/3 Michałowskiego Street.

In determining the level of language proficiency we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which complies with the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

Does the school offer additional activities as a part of a weekend course?

We regularly organise various workshops (on pronunciation, slang or Poland), conversations and integration parties for all our students. You can find all information on our Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/VariaPolishCenter

Are there any age limits for students enrolling in the course?

Of course, there are no upper age limits. :) Intensive courses are for adults, that is for those aged 16 or more. In exceptional circumstances, with the written consent of a student's guardian, we also welcome younger people. Children are usually offered private lessons, or, whenever there is a sufficient number of children willing to learn Polish, we create groups.

If I resign from taking part in the course, will I get a refund of the amount paid?

If after enrolling in a course you cannot take part in it, the deposit you paid will not be refunded. If you paid the full price of the course, you will get your payment back reduced by the value of the deposit and bank transfer fees.

If you inform us about your resignation from taking part in the course by two weeks before the course starts, there is a possibility to take part in a later course or to suggest another person who will participate in the course instead of you. In such a situation you will not have to cover any costs associated with the cancellation of your participation.

Can I pay for the course by credit card in the school?

Yes. We also accept cash and bank transfers into our school bank account.

Will I get a certificate of course completion? Is it recognised by universities?

Every student who passed the final test and attended the classes will receive the certificate of course completion. The certificate provides the following information: type of course, course duration, course language level and number of lessons.

The certificate issued by our centre is not an official document, however, it is recognised by the majority of universities and companies as the document confirming the command of the Polish language at a particular level.

I already speak very good Polish. Can I still learn something new?

Of course. You can always expand your vocabulary with new synonyms, idioms and collocations. The class will cover topics suitable to your language level. You will have the opportunity to discuss literature, culture as well as socio-political and scientific issues.They are a challenge even for those with very good knowledge of Polish.

What time do classes take place?

Classes take place from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm.

How can I enrol in the course?

The quickest way is to fill in the application form which is available on our website. You can also enrol in our school office. When you book your place on the course, please pay a deposit of 550 PLN - it is a confirmation of your participation in the course.

Can I pay for the course in euro in the school?

Yes, it is possible to pay in euro. The price list in euro in available on our webpage. Change is given in złotys.

How much can I learn during the weekend course?

After the weekend course beginners are able to master the basics of grammar and to communicate during simple communicative situations (e.g. tell something about themselves, do shopping, ask for directions and order food in a restaurant). More advanced students can e.g. substantially improve their speaking skills, range of vocabulary as well as grammar and orthography. 

Does the price include lesson materials?

Yes, each student receives lesson materials or a textbook created by our school. Additionally a textbook and exercises are paid. You can buy a set of books at the school office.

What is the language of tuition during the classes?

During lessons we speak and teach using only Polish. Our students come from various parts of the world and the Polish language is often the only "common" language of all students. The communicative method of teaching motivates course participants not only to speak but also to think in a language other than their mother tongue.All staff members of the Varia School also speak English, which facilitates after-class communication.

How long does the course on one level last?

The course on a basic level (A1) lasts for two semesters (around 120 hours). Further levels (A2, B and C) usually require a longer period of learning, which usually lasts 3 semesters (around 180 hours). 

It is possible, though, that a given student makes progress quicker and is therefore promoted to a more advanced group. But in order to be promoted, the student has to fulfill the following requirements: attendance (at least 70%), active participation in class and passing a test.

What is the typical size of the class?

Groups usually consist of 7 to 12 course participants. The minimum size of the group is 4 students.

Where do most of Varia students come from?

From all around the world :)! We have students from: Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Ghana, United States, Venezuela, Italy, Romania, Mexico ...

If I am not able to attend all classes, can I get a partial refund?

Single absences do not affect the price of a course. You can make up for missed classes on your own – lesson material sent via e-mail or free consultations with your teacher.

Does the course end with an exam?

During one semester students obligatorily write a final test. The exercises in the test are prepared specifically for each group and they consist of the material taught during the course. Before the test, there is a revision class which helps students prepare for the exam. Positive test result and active participation in class guarantee the completion of the course and enable students to continue the course on a more advanced level.

Is it possible to combine individual lessons with a group course?

Of course. You can always book individual lessons, especially when, for example, because of a longer absence you would like to make up for the material you missed. This is also a good way of supplementing your knowledge of Polish with specific vocabulary (for instance, Business Polish).

When and how to use the student's panel?

Every student of our school receives the access to the student’s panel. On the panel you can see the material covered during your classes and download a printable version