Conditions for individual courses


1. The enrollment for the course is made by filling in the application form (on-line or at the office: Michalowskiego 2/3 street in Krakow) and transferring the fee for the first class. Paying the fee and receiving a confirmation results in the acceptance of this statute. The statute is constituent of the agreement, which is concluded with every student during the enrollment.

2. Individual classes can be adjusted to your preferences when it comes to the course programme (e.g. general Polish, preparation for the state exam, specialized language), schedule of classes and lesson length. 

3. The student who participates in the individual course is allowed to take part in additional activities organized by the School for all students, e.g. workshops, integration parties.

4. The School reserves a right to record lessons for the didactic purposes. The recordings will be used only for the School’s purposes without sharing or distributing them to the third parties.


1. The student who attends individual lessons has the possibility to cancel or change the dates of the classes. The change in the schedule should be done during a working day, at least with a 24-hour notice prior to the already planned class, with adequate information sent by e-mail or passed by phone. The change of the date of the class must be confirmed by the Varia Office or the teacher. If the class is not cancelled according to the rules, the student will be charged for it. 

2. In case of teacher’s illness, the School organizes a substitution (approved by the student) or the classes are postponed to another date that is suitable for the student.  


If the student is late for classes, their lessons will not be prolonged. The teacher is obliged to wait for the student for 15 minutes (in case of a 45-minute class) unless the student informs the teacher about being late and asks for postponing their lessons. That does not mean, however, that the class will be prolonged.