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Kino / Japan

I’ve really enjoyed my class, thank you so much. I had never been going to a  language school before and Varia has been my first one. My first language school is excellent! :)
I’ve  made many friends from different countries. And I was able to make a Polish friend by myself!


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Philip James/United Kingdom

An intensive course like this will obviously have a lot of information. I took detailed notes and will be processing what I’ve learned for weeks and months to come. I am very impressed with both Ola and Agnieszka, they clearly have expert language knowledge and are both expert teachers, as well. The lessons were presented so professionally and there was much opportunity for us as students to practise what we were learning. The insistence of Polish in the classroom really helped and gave me a lot of exposure to extra language outside of the focus of the lesson. They were also both very pleasant and it was a joy for me to be in their classroom.

I can’t thank you enough and hope to return in the future.

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Paige McMahon/United Kingdom

I just wanted to email to say a big thank you for the three weeks. I return home tomorrow. I really enjoyed it and think I learned a lot! I am going to continue learning in the UK and would be interested in having online lessons with Varia!
Hope to see you soon! 
Dziękuję i do widzenia!

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I love the city! I had a very nice time with the other students and I liked the course and the staff. I'm very, very happy! I'm very satified with the course. I've learned a lot and I had a great time here. I don't want go home, but I hope I will come back here soon! Thank you very much for everything!

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Being a teacher of foreign languages myself I understand that the best way to learn a language is to dive into linguistic environment. I searched online for Polish language courses in Poland. I found a lot of offers. To make sure that I will take a good course I contacted my friends in Poland. They recommended me VARIA Polish Language Center. Due to my visual disability I always have a problem to be enrolled in any kind of course or school. I contacted the VARIA Polish Language Center and explained my situation. I said that I would require all materials in electronic version and some extra instructions in a class. I was really happy to receive a positive reply.

I'm very grateful to the VARIA Polish Language Center staff for supporting and helping me. I highly appreciate your positive attitude and your strong desire to meet all individual requirements of a course participant.

I really enjoyed Krakow. This is a definitely good place and it is worth visiting again. My wife and I were so sad when we were sitting at Dworzec Główny Wschód and waiting for a bus to the airport.