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I expected to learn a little Polish and see Krakow. I think I have learned much more than I expected. It was great hospitality, very kind people. The tour guide during our trip around the Old Town was very competent and able to answer all our questions. Everybody and everything at Varia was wonderful and I am very appreciate of all the help they offered me – helping with the material – as well as with my personal needs. Everything was wonderful!

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First this was an excellent and enjoyable course that I would recommend to any one wanting to learn Polish and there are hundreds of reasons why you should learn Polish. Not least what a wonderful country Poland is, a country with the most beautiful women in the whole world. Also Polish language is different not terrible and hard as too many Poles keep trying to tell me.Second what made it enjoyable and excellent?

First an approach to the students by the owners/organisers Aneta and Kasia that immediately puts you at your ease. You are encouraged to ask questions and make comments. I stumbled on Varia the month before I came to do the course and the friendly, honest and open way my questions were dealt with made me feel this was the course I had been looking for years. Nothing is too much trouble for the organisers.

Second the way the course takes you beyond the classroom is imaginative. It also makes you feel at home in different settings and able to try to speak Polish. Stopping strangers in the street to ask the way becomes a pleasure not a stressful task. Because on the course you have learnt that fluency is better than attempting perfectly pronounced Polish.

Third the location of Varia is excellent Karmelicka.is a wonderful street not a tourist street but full of shops and offices and people but so accessible from other parts of the city and so close to the Rynek.

All in all this was one of the best experiences of my life My confidence to speak Polish has increased immeasurably and my love of Poland is stronger than ever. I felt that I really lived in Krakow for that two weeks rather than just visiting as I had done in the past.

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It is incredible how much can be learned in such a short time! BRAVO! Super organization, friendly and open – it is really having fun learning Polish!!! Dziękuję bardzo!

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The most fun I have had with my clothes on. :)                                                                                                                                  

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Varia school is the place you can come any time, but you can never leave :). I can't resist from coming and coming back here. With their help you fall in love with the Polish language, with the city or just fall in love :)). Thank you all for great time, new friends, emotions, memories and of course Polish language knowledge!!