Individual classes

If you want a course that is perfectly adapted to your own timetable and your individual needs and wishes, we recommend you take one-to-one lessons.

70 PLN / 18 € - 45-minute lesson
90 PLN / 23 € - 45-minute lesson for 2 students

The typical frequency of classes is 2 x 90 minutes per week.

Individual classes can be adjusted to your preferences when it comes to the course programme, vocabulary, schedule of classes and lesson length. The classes are focused on those language skills which are the most important for you. 

Learning on the individual course goes much faster than during a group course. Your teacher doesn’t have to divide attention to other students and concentrates on one student only. 

Individual classes can be held either in our school or at your place. You can also combine individual lessons with any other group course, e.g. semester or weekend. 

It is possible to adjust the course to your needs. The course can be focused on conversations, specialist language concerning, e.g. banking, marketing, tourism, medicine and many other. 

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