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The Varia Polish Language Center from the beginning has concentrated only on teaching Polish as a foreign language. Specializing in only one language, Polish, we can provide our students with the highest quality of teaching, create groups at different language levels and employ the best teaching staff.

Over the 10 years of our existence we have become a meeting place for people from more than 80 countries. Hard-working businessmen, children of Polish emigrants, people searching for their Polish roots and all kinds of enthusiastic souls have found at our school their path to mastering the Polish language and to developing their ideas about Poland.

We offer Polish courses at all levels of proficiency and various degrees of intensity: semester classes and intensive two-week (combined with a cultural programme and accommodation) and four-week courses , as well as individual and business Polish lessons.



We believe that the most important reason for learning a language is to use it in practice. Our students learn vocabulary and grammar that is relevant and useful, and we make sure that they have plenty of opportunity for free-flowing conversation during their lessons… in Polish, of course!

All the lessons, including those for complete beginners, are conducted exclusively in Polish. This teaching method produces surprisingly fast results, and that, in turn, greatly increases the students’ motivation to learn. The groups generally comprise students of various nationalities, and Polish is often the only “common” language among all the students.



Our groups are small, which helps to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. We also organise outdoor lessons and conversation meetings in Krakow’s bars and cafes. Together with our students, we watch Polish films, celebrate Christmas Eve and Easter, tell fortunes on St.Andrew's night, make the famous dish, pierogi...

Our courses:



Long evening conversations with the Polish people (and in Polish!)… Varia Talks are back! :)

Konwersować, rozmawiać, gadać, nawijać… it doesn’t matter how. What matters is to do it in Polish! That’s why we’d like to invite you for Varia Talks which are our evening conversation meetings. :)
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Press room

2014-02-20 | Zjednoczenie Polskie w Helsinkach
2014-01-01 | FÜR SIE
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Fun-Loving approach to Polish. See our video presentation.

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Summer courses

Intensive course...       Cultural Programme... Accomodation...

Summer courses


"Fall in love with Kraków..."

"Distribution of certificates"

"Talking, eating and getting together" :)


Trip for women

Krakow on high heels -
an exciting and surprising trip

Trip for women


It is incredible how much can be learned in such a short time! BRAVO! Super organization, friendly and open – it is really having fun learning Polish!!! Dziękuję bardzo!

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ul. Michałowskiego 2/3, 31-126 Kraków, Poland
tel: (+48) 12 633 58 71


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